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 Event Stylist

"Creativity is the key to our success"

Event Stylists or Event Designers work hard to bring a memorable atmosphere to an event. Creativity is the key to our success.  As Event Stylist, we are considered the creative part of the event-planning process.  We take our client's vision for the event and bring it to fruition.  Our services include design consulting, story board assembly, designing tablescapes, linen selection, floral selection, photo backdrops, favor ideas, floor plan creations, ceremony programs, decor and lighting.  Moreover, we will source and secure your decor related vendors, such as florist and cake designers.  We assist our clients in making decisions so the above-mentioned areas all fit cohesively together.  Our design decisions create the mood that guests will experience upon entering the venue. If the event has a specific theme, we are responsible for choosing items that bring that theme to life. We will manage the styling budget,  however, our primary concern is with the aesthetics and overall appearance of the event.  


We work directly with our clients or with the event planner to ensure your soirée is unforgettable.

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